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Handmade Carpet
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Al Dar Carpets
Welcome to the homepage of Al Dar Carpets and Novelties. 
The UAE and the Gulf region in general has been greatly influenced over the past 100 years by the many cultures from the Indian subcontinent and Asia Minor, from countries now known as India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey.  This influence can be seen in all aspects of Gulf life, modern and traditional, including food, clothing, household items, carpets, and home decorations.
Here at Al Dar Carpets, we have spent the past several years collecting the most interesting examples of carpets, household items, clothing, and shoes for your pleasure.
We offer you an amazing and colorful range of carpets from such exotic places as Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Kashmir, and Pakistan, wonderful range of household items including intricately embroidered wall hangings, tablecloths and runners, and bedspreads from India, Kashmir, and Syria, a rainbow of pashmina shawls from Kashmir, and an exciting and novel range of souvenirs of Dubai and the UAE.
Al Dar Carpets is run by knowledgeable and experienced carpet dealers who have spent generations in the carpet trade.  Click on any of the links to enter an Aladdin’s cave of treasures from the East.

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